February at Lykeion

We look back at what we've written over the past month

As 90% of geopolitical analysts reminded us over the last couple of weeks (for a good reason), Lenin said "there are decades where nothing happens, and then there are weeks where decades happen."

Since March 2020, it sure feels like we had at least a handful of those weeks.

Whilst we usually use this Update to wrap up what we wrote over the previous month, for this one, things are a bit different. Forecasts are becoming obsolete on almost a daily basis given how quickly things are changing, and there is an information overload that we do not wish to add to.

As such, instead of our regular content wrap up, we decided to simply update you on two big new initiatives that we’ve launched this month, which we think are of significant interest to you all: our Twitter Spaces sessions and our Referral Program.

Twitter Spaces

February was, without a doubt, Jacob’s month. Our partnership with Perch Perspectives began in December by explaining to our audience Why Geopolitics Matters now more than it ever did in the past three decades:

“The end of history lasted roughly three decades. Now the geopolitics of history begins again, and it has become an important tool to have to assess the validity and importance of long-term trends that will significantly shape the profile of your investment returns.”

Fast forward just over a month after our initiation, and Geopolitics swiftly became a necessary tool to make sense of a world with $125 oil, prohibitively expensive fertilizer prices, repeated mentions of economic sanctions and nuclear threats (!), and an outright war not too far off from where myself and many of our friends live.

One of the many things we learned in February is that there’s a ton of value in giving you some direct access to our network of contributors through Twitter Spaces. We’ve had plenty of positive feedback on the sessions with Jacob (despite the typical setbacks of building a brand under a nomadic lifestyle – there’s a cost to trying to be cool), and want to ensure we continue to bring you valuable insights where and when we can, at no cost except your time (which, ultimately, is the most valuable thing of all).

So, keep our Twitter Spaces in mind (follow us if you already don’t) – it’s a good opportunity to have direct interactions with the people behind the brand.

Referral Program

The other update we wanted to highlight is that we’ve launched a year-long Referral Program, which is our largest-scale growth effort to date. The rewards are as follows:

You know how these things work, but if you don’t, just check out our referral page for an overview. We’ll be adding additional rewards in the future, but in the meanwhile, our partnership with Koyfin and Delphi are really worth checking out.

  • Koyfin is like the next evolution of the Bloomberg terminal. It's just as smart and enjoyable to use, but it's much more intuitive, looks cleaner, and you don’t have to mortgage your house to use it.

  • Delphi is our go-to crypto research platform. They're not orange pants wearing maxi's (as far as I know). They provide professional-grade deep-dive updates, research, and commentary on all things digital assets.

We hope to “see” you very soon in one of our Twitter Spaces – it’s a pretty good chance to make fun of my accent or ask Tim if he’s still desperately trying to become a surfer (it’ll never fail to amuse me…).