We’re a team of ex-investment research analysts, portfolio managers, and strategists, creating original research and commentary around global markets and geopolitics.

Every month, we’ll put out 2-3 Free pieces, 2 Podcasts, and 4-6 Paid pieces.

For our Free content, think more “broader coverage with limited insights”. This is usually a one-layer deep view of the trends and stories we’re following – this is our commentary on what we think is important.

Our Paid content takes a much deeper look at these thematices, and explores them with an eye towards “Why does this matter, why should I be paying attention, and how will I and the world be affected by this?”



  • The Inflation Narrative

  • U.S. Dollar and Eurodollar Market

  • Yield Curve, Market Structure, & Liquidity

  • Bitcoin & the Blockchain

  • Foreign Direct Investment Patterns


  • U.S. – China Relations & the Indo-Pacific

  • Saudi Arabia: Moving East or Staying West?

  • Globalization, Reglobalization, Nearshoring, Reshoring

  • Great Power Competition and the Rise of Multipolarity

  • North Atlantic Security

  • Iran, Israel, MENA

EMEA + Asia

  • Investing Opportunities Within the EU

  • Japan's inflection point

  • China: Xi Jinping’s Challenges

  • UAE & Qatar: On the Horizon

  • Oceania (AUS/NZ)

  • EU and GBR in Indo-Pacific

Emerging Markets

  • BRICS: Signal or Noise?

  • Turkey: The Most Promising EM?

  • The Investment Case for Latin America

  • Pivot Nations: India, Indo, & Brazil


  • Oil, Natural Gas, & The Next Supercycle

  • The Rise of LNG

  • The Renewable Industrial Complex

  • Uranium & Nuclear Tech

Sector Specific

  • Reindustrialization of the West

  • Materials, Minerals, & Metals

  • The Semiconductor Puzzle

  • Shipping & Maritime

  • Future Media & Sports