Episode #5: Cem Karsan

What people don’t realize is the US equity market is $40 trillion, but the amount of flows that move the market is only $50 billion

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The Secret Sauce behind the Market’s Success

Is the market caught in a self-fulfilling upward cycle, driven by a framework that’s dominated by structured products? Option market veteran Cem Karsan of Kai Volatility Advisors thinks so.

This same process, however, is like a stretched rubber band which may be reaching its point of reversal. We’ve seen this before, most notably in early 2018, though today it’s not just a handful of volatility products that are underpinning the market, but a massive surge in the application of alternative investment strategies.

Cem has traded these scenarios with a successful strategy in the past. Tune in to find out how to play the upside, in preparation for the downside.


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