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Episode #3: Jacob Shapiro

Roger & Jacob discuss investing through a Geopolitical Framework. China, USD hegemony and de-globalization

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  • This month, I get to sit down with my partner-in-crime here at Lykeion, Jacob Shapiro, to explore how the shifting geopolitical landscape is impacting investment frameworks and horizons.

  • Is geopolitics a valid input for investors? I delve into what Jacob thinks are the key geopolitical drivers today, why they matter, and how to build an investment framework around them. We look at some of the key themes of this moment in time: China, USD hegemony, and the opportunities within de-globalization. But beware of the hyperbole.

  • Jacob also points out that some of the biggest stories and intoxicating headlines can often be the least interesting geopolitical drivers. The relevance of geopolitics to investing, however, is rising and investors will increasingly need to incorporate these trends into their investment framework over the coming decade.

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