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Episode #2: Michael Kao

Scott Smitson and Michael Kao explore the vast inner workings of fossil fuels and geopolitics

In the second installment of "The Geopolitics of Commodities", our guest is Michael Kao, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Akanthos Capital Management, a hedge fund focused on asymmetric "fulcrum" opportunities and "event options" across capital structures and asset classes. Michael is also the author of Kaoboy Musings, a Substack focused on the intersection of Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, and Geopolitics.

In this conversation, Michael and Scott explore a wide range of topics through the lens of global macroeconomics and energy markets. Fossil fuels and finance, the oil and the petrodollar, BRICS, and Michael's long-term, structural bullishness on oil layered on top of the short-term viscous bear markets, are all covered.

PS: The paper that's discussed at length in this interview, Geopolitical Risks to the European Gas and LNG Market, written by Scott, was published last week in our Members Content section. You can sign up for that here.