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Episode #2: Julian Brigden

Roger & Julian discuss the current macro landscape and how the Fed likely knew a hard landing was always going to be the likely scenario


  • This month, I have the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the brilliant Julian Brigden of MI2 Partners to discuss the current macro landscape, which appears to be teetering on the edge of recession. There are, however, a number of major recessionary indicators, such as employment, that are still refusing to roll over.

  • For policymakers, this is a problem. If they see inflation as a bigger evil than a recession, then they may still have to hike further, to ensure that inflation doesn't repeat.

  • Will policymakers have the stomach to keep tightening if the economy starts to nosedive? Julian doesn't think so. And this could mean a bumpy economic ride over the coming months and years. But that might create an environment with a wide variety of opportunities if investors can adapt in time.

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