A collection of the resources we leverage to shape our thoughts for our publications. Constantly being updated. Email us for suggestions.

Grant Williams

Grant helped us start it all, and between his monthly newsletter and his suite of podcasts, you could basically sign up for him and have everything covered. Grant surveys the financial landscape with the rare combination of both a skeptical eye and an open mind. Access to his and his guests' minds alone is worth the price of admission.

Luke Gromen

We've been following Luke for years after we first found him on Real Vision. He's a great macro mind and a frequent contributor to our Charts publications. If you can afford his monthly research-based newsletter, Forest for the Trees, it's well worth the investment.

Jeff Snider

When it comes to the monetary system and how it works, he's our go-to guy, hands down. Jeff has more knowledge in this space than most people operating it, and he writes a great column published on the Alhambra Investments platform and is active on Twitter posting his charts and thoughts that will very often contradict the mainstream narratives that are abundant on the platform.

The Market Ear

A daily email newsletter heavily skewed towards charts. A great resource as it frequently quotes Sell-Side research, giving us a sense of what consensus is saying. Gives good technical analysis that is digestible even for the non-technical audience.

Bloomberg's Points of Return and Money Stuff

Two separate daily emails written by long-time financial journalists John Authers and former investment banker Matt Levine. Both have built solid reputations in the world of finance, and their thoughts are worth the subscription if you’re looking for solid commentary on recent developments, with some in-depth analysis and personality added.

Scott Galloway

Scott doesn’t need much intro, especially if you’re under 35 years old (Sorry Tim), enjoy broad business discussions, free content across a written newsletter and audio podcasts, and especially if you like self-deprecating jokes. The "Big Dawg" Professor is a balance between proper business education and a no holds barred approach to the intersection of business, politics, and society at large. Deserves your time, especially as he asks for little of it.

WSJ's Jason Zweig

Jason was the editor of the revised edition of “The Intelligent Investor”, a foundational read for any value investor (if any have survived this long). His commentary brings sense to a frequently unreasonable market, even if his approach (value investing) has been on the wrong side of returns for more than a decade now.

13D Research

A premium thematic research publication founded by the legendary Kiril Sokoloff. Set at premium prices and read by many of the most powerful people in the world of business and finance. A must, if you have the capital to sponsor it (if you do, next time beer's on you, mate).

Goehring & Rozencwajg

Our go-to commentary on everything Natural Resources-related. Their quarterly reports and more frequent commentary publications on all things commodities are incredibly valuable. The fact that it’s free and available to anyone is still a shock to us… let’s just hope they’re not listening.

Stratechery (Ben Thompson)

One of the most respected tech newsletters covering the most important aspects of Tech and Silicon Valley. It costs a reasonable amount if you’re interested in understanding what the most dominant companies of today are trying to do to shape the world of tomorrow (besides selling your data).

Jesse Felder

One of the first FinTwit personalities we've ever followed, Jesse "takes the financial road less traveled" with his value investing approach (#survivor). Simply, he's an incredibly reasonable guy that analyses markets in a way that most can understand.

Musings on Markets (Damodaran)

Sporadic emails with timeless lessons on finance from NYU's corporate finance and valuation professor. For those who never want to stop learning and have a strong interest in understanding how the “valuation” game works.


Our go-to for our daily Crypto fix – Tyler Neville is a beast.

Delphi Digital

If you're looking for in-depth crypto research, this is the place. They have a tiered offering that starts with a free daily crypto newsletter and goes all the way up to institutional-grade research. We often work with their co-founder, Kevin Kelly, to get his thoughts on what's happening in this part of the market.

Pantera Capital Newsletters

The newsletter we read to step out of the daily frenzy of crypto. Written by some of the smartest brains in the digital assets space, it brings a ton of new perspectives on how to value assets and how to think about problems and solutions in the crypto universe.


Where we go if we’re hunting for analytics in the crypto space.