"A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world" - John le Carré

Lykeion Research takes a collaborative approach to producing original, bottoms-up, investment research on the key themes that will deliver change.


What We Do

Above all, we instill clarity by analyzing the key thematics bringing change to the world around us.

We believe rigorous analysis and first principles thinking, paired with honest debate and the search for universal ‘truths’, is the best recipe for intellectually honest, actionable ideas.

Our timeframe is measured in months and years, not days or weeks. We believe that, in a world with an overabundance of information, being selective about what we consume is the first step to becoming better investors. For this reason we selectively focus our attention on the key themes that will drive seismic shifts within Markets, Business, and Geopolitics over the coming decade.

Everything else, we'll leave to others sitting at their desks.

What Our Readers Think

Francisco Mendonça

Francisco Mendonça

Pemberton Asset Management

"Highly recommend, superbly written and uniquely rational in a world that favours tribalism. The kind of macro and geopolitics research that looks at both sides of the story before coming to conclusions."

Grant Williams

Grant Williams

Author, Things That Make You Go Hmmm..

"The entire Lykeion team offer an invaluable spectrum of expertise.

I find everything they write to be thoughtful, engaging and extremely helpful in navigating what is a very difficult market environment.”

José Veiga Rodrigues

José Veiga Rodrigues

Apollo Global Management

"Lykeion is a unique platform. It combines deep intellectual curiosity with actual market experience and a humble approach to complex topics. It is an indispensable companion to make sense of the markets."

Tomas Sampaio

Tomas Sampaio

Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

"Instead of focusing on ‘what’ to think, Lykeion highlights ‘how’ to think about macro and geopolitics in an objective, well-researched, and entertaining way without a specific bias or agenda. Highly recommended to anyone in finance, consulting, and economics."

Themes We Cover


  • The Inflation Narrative
  • U.S. Dollar and Eurodollar Market
  • Yield Curve, Market Structure, & Liquidity
  • Bitcoin & the Blockchain
  • Foreign Direct Investment Patterns


  • U.S. – China Relations & the Indo-Pacific
  • Saudi Arabia: Moving East or Staying West?
  • Globalization, Reglobalization, Nearshoring, Reshoring
  • Great Power Competition and the Rise of Multipolarity
  • North Atlantic Security
  • Iran, Israel, MENA

EMEA + Asia

  • Investing Opportunities Within the EU
  • Japan's inflection point
  • China: Xi Jinping’s Challenges
  • UAE & Qatar: On the Horizon
  • Oceania (AUS/NZ)
  • EU and GBR in Indo-Pacific

Emerging Markets

  • BRICS: Signal or Noise?
  • Turkey: The Most Promising EM?
  • The Investment Case for Latin America
  • Pivot Nations: India, Indo, & Brazil


  • Oil, Natural Gas, & The Next Supercycle
  • The Rise of LNG
  • The Renewable Industrial Complex
  • Uranium & Nuclear Tech

Sector Specific

  • Reindustrialization of the West
  • Materials, Minerals, & Metals
  • The Semiconductor Puzzle
  • Shipping & Maritime
  • Future Media & Sports

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