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In his past life, Roger spent over two decades on the equity derivative desks at various investment banks including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, SBC Warburg, and Deutsche Bank. His specialty was multi-asset and macro sales, working with some of the world's leading macro and equity long/short hedge funds and major multi-asset institutions.

At Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, he was instrumental in building London's leading Delta-1 franchises for sector and bespoke basket flow trading.

Currently, Roger is the Managing Editor of Real Vision Creative Studios where he researches, writes, and presents a weekly macro show for Refinitiv (part of LSEG), as well as consults with leading financial institutions on their content and media strategy.

Roger received a Master’s Degree in Geography and an MSc in Agricultural Economics, both from Oxford University, where he rowed for the Oxford Second VIII (Isis). He occasionally still hauls himself down the river, though the glory days have now been dulled by a penchant for food and wine.

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