Mittelstanding Together

Steven K.N. Wilkinson's guest post on the German industrial complex navigating a pivotal moment in history

Mittelstanding Together

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We're incredibly excited to bring you this guest post from Steven K.N. Wilkinson who authors the must-read Pitchfork Papers newsletter.

Steven has deep, first-hand knowledge of the German industrial complex, and the uncomfortable realities the country is currently facing given the confluence of misguided energy policy and the intertwined complexity of their industrial base, both of which have been shockingly exposed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Grab a cup of coffee and dig in... I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did!

Germany is a complicated place for non-Germans, especially Anglo-Saxon non-Germans to understand. With Germany front and centre of the storm unleashed by the energy crisis and the current Government - a patchwork coalition of Social Democrats (SDP), Green (Die Grünen), and Liberals (FDP) - evidently hell-bent on sticking to its anti-nuclear policy, the outside world is wondering whether the world’s fourth largest economy is about to head into a disastrous winter which may see whole scale destruction of businesses and its industrial base. It feels a little like watching a car crash in slow motion. So let's dig in...

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