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What's the difference between the Free tier and Research?

Our free publications dig a couple of layers deep in analysis. We bring together what we believe to be the most important thematics, investigate them, and discuss them in a way that is objective, coherent, and deep enough for you to then go do your own research.

The Research tier goes deeper down select rabbit holes and peels apart the theme from every angle necessary to derive a well-reasoned, actionable thesis on an investment. The Research tier covers both medium and long-term thematics across Business, Finance, and Geopolitics, and leverages our expert network to create bottoms-up, first principles analysis.

Who is Lykeion Research's typical audience?

Our audience is typically retail and institutional investors, business owners, consultants, research analysts, geopolitical strategists, and, interestingly, even some politicians – from all over the world.

What makes Lykeion different than all other finance subscription offerings?

We focus on thematic research, meaning that, instead of writing market commentaries without a coherent narrative, we focus on diving deep into the key themes that will deliver actionable change over the next decade, and clearly lay out (when possible) how that will impact asset classes.

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