Lessons Learned in 2022

We highlight the six lessons we learned in 2022.

Lessons Learned in 2022

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  • There’s no escaping the macro cycle, and that’s what we saw in 2022.
  • As with every investment, stick with stablecoins you know and understand.
  • If you don’t own a cold wallet by now, we don’t know what to tell you.

Always a Student

As we closed 2022, many were the lessons I took home:

  • Keinemusik at Burning Man was the best set of the year
  • L.A.B. is the band currently producing the best music out there
  • ChatGPT is a better date than I will ever be
  • Loro Piana shoes are just West London Birkenstocks (Tim’s Note: Yeah, I’ve no idea what this means either)
  • Tim is the millennial version of Benjamin Button
  • The French own the cheese and pastry game, Italians own everything else (Tim’s Note: debatable on the Italian front)
  • Access to good olive oil, Portuguese wine, and Manuka honey is a shortcut to happiness (Tim’s Note: he meant to say California wine)
  • When I grow up, I want to be like Tom Cruise, but taller.

Whilst the list above has little to do with crypto, it helps contextualize how every year has things to teach us that, on January 1st, we never expected we’d learn. And that’s what crypto is best at – surprising consensus on the way up and on the way down, humbling any of us who thought we had it all figured out, and helping us learn a little bit more about the difference between those who build and those who simply promote.

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