Charts of the Month - April '21

FinTech, Historic Equity Flows, OPEC Spare Capacity, Market Valuations, and Available Cropland

Charts of the Month - April '21

The Future of Banks and FinTech

The team over at Stray Reflections believes that within the next several years the FinTech sector will overtake the traditional banking sector in terms of market cap (and relevance):

12 years of Equity Inflows in 5 Months

Stimulus, ZIRP, YCC, retail boredom. Whatever the reason(s) for the growth in equity markets over the past few months, it’s something truly astonishing to look at. Whatever you believe, bubble or not, irresponsible central bankers or not, whatever. Just looking at this chart is incredible.

OPEC Spare Capacity

A classic Art Berman chart.

Wilshire to GDP | NASDAQ to Wilshire | Wilshire to Assets

If you haven’t read our latest Markets Update (shame on you), go check it out as these next three charts relate to that piece.

None of these charts are new to you, I’m sure. They float around FinTwit and research publications all the time, but for good reasons. They help contextualize the environment we are in vs. the historical backdrop.

But when we think about this new investing paradigm we propose in the latest piece, these three charts form a nice foundation of understanding for why we are thinking this way.

Cropland per Capita

Terrible pun alert: this chart is just a little food for thought. Arable land per capita in the major growing regions around the world has been steadily declining for a long time, driven primarily by:

If you’re at all interested in #2, do your best to buy in-season crops, local, and organic (pesticide-free). Also, if you’re a meat-eater, look to alternative, more sustainable, sources of protein. One of my favorites is Wild Idea Buffalo.

They’re a Patagonia / Tin Shed Ventures portfolio company. The buffalo is legit tasty (100% grass-fed, free-range, hormone and antibiotics free, etc. etc.), but more importantly, their business model is focused on helping to naturally restore the grasslands across the Great Plains. You can check out a short film about their story here.

We have no affiliation with these guys. We just like and support their products.

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