The Product


2-3 per month

Publications Include:

  • Markets Updates
  • Charts of the Month


1-2 per month

Conversations with expert guests spanning Macro, Trading, Investing, & Geopolitics.

Hosts Roger Hirst & Jacob Shapiro


Members Content

2-3 per month

Monthly Research - Original, bottoms-up, investment research on the key themes that will deliver change.

Long-form Editorial insights across Markets and Geopolitics.

Deep-dive investment cases on the companies and sectors we find most interesting.

$15 Per Month

The Team

Tim Purcell

Co-founder & Head of Growth. Covers Energy, Markets, and Geopolitics. Ex-Goldman Sachs IMD, buy & sell side equity research, M&A, and head of strategy for media startup.

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Diego Tremiterra

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief. Covers Markets, Business, and Thematic Oversight. Currently a hedge fund Jr. PM, ex-Goldman Sachs capital markets and startup COO.

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Roger Hirst

Leads all Macro research and content. Previously equity derivatives hedge fund sales and Delta-1 basket flow trading.

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Scott Smitson

Leads all Geopolitical research. Retired US Army Officer & Strategist. Served in the Pentagon and CENTCOM, and is currently the Director of the Grand Strategy Program at Denison University.

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