It's Pronounced (lie-key-on)

It's Pronounced (lie-key-on)

Do we regret choosing a name that no one can pronounce or has any idea of its meaning? Sure, a little.

Are we going to change it? Likely not.

In a very non-pretentious way, the original Lykeion was the location where philosophers from ancient Greece gathered to discuss the topics of the day.

Replace 'philosophy' with 'finance' and 'Greece' with 'a digital platform', and you have our version of a modern-day Lykeion.

So what are we doing?

Simple - we're trying to make the intersection of business, financial markets, and geopolitics a little less hectic, a little less biased, and a little more fun.

Not dumbed down. Not meme-bro level.

Currently, we have two tiers of written products:

  • Our weekly newsletter which includes Markets Updates, Geopolitical Reports, Editorials, Charts, and a few other formats
  • Our once a month research product, which is a much deeper dive than our newsletters and includes a post report 'Ask Me Anything' with the author's Roger & Jacob, as well as a follow-up Notes Pack

We'll soon be releasing video interviews and pods, so stay tuned for those.

Here are the thematics we cover.

Our formats range from punchy updates to deep-dive reports, charts, and a couple of others. All focused on connecting and simplifying the thematics above.

Who are we and how are we different?

Well, here's our current roster...

Long story short, we're a small team of ex and current researchers, analysts, strategists, and investors that first learned and cut our teeth in markets, and then learned to write about them.

Not the other way around. Big difference.

What's with the skeletons?

Depends on how philosophical you want us to be.

Diego would tell you that the skeletons represent a stripped-down version of ourselves. Humanity, at its core, is little more than the collagen and calcium foundation that holds this momentary reality together in our collective consciousness. Skeletons, in essence, are the very thing that connects and unifies us as a species.

In reality, I, Tim, was scrolling Instagram one day while thinking about redesigning our brand, came across an amazing designer named Kinsey, and thought, "Yep, that's it. That's our new branding".

Whatever it is, the true ethos of our brand is that deep in our hearts we believe life is meant for much more than spreadsheets and terminals, profits and losses, or properly hedging your portfolio for the next Fed minutes release.

We love the endless, multi-dimensional puzzle the markets present on a daily basis and don't downplay their importance in all of our lives (hell, we started a business to discuss it!).

But we love equally the other side of life. Sunsets and waves, family and friends. And yes, skeletons driving their VW busses flashing peace signs under the summer sun.

So, we like to bring our readers a little dose of 'the other side' every now and then. Like we say in our banner "95% research. 5% skeletons".

Quality finance meets quality of life.

Hopefully, you enjoy what we're doing and recognize the value of the pursuit... of whatever it is you're pursuing.

So buckle up, enjoy the ride, and we'll see you out there,