2021 at Lykeion

We look back at what we've written over the past year.

2021 at Lykeion

2021 is officially in the books.

It was a transcendent year for us as we:

The only thing that trumps how proud we are of this past year is our excitement for what’s ahead.

Let me give you a sneak peek:


Naval tweeted in 2017, “The tools for learning are abundant. It’s the desire to learn that’s scarce.”

The Lykeion team is on a mission to bring high-quality ideas to those that have the desire to learn about business, finance, and economics, in an objective, non-pretentious, and relatable way. The way we deliver is as important to us as what we deliver.

Lykeion is a learning outlet that leverages current developments to help readers build the necessary knowledge base to understand Macroeconomics, Markets, Crypto, Sustainable Finance, and Geopolitics.

The knowledge that comes from reading our newsletters is far from academic. It’s purposefully delivered in a way that’s useful in your daily life – from job interviews to investment decisions and career considerations, or just helping you look at what’s going on in the world through a clear, objective lens.

We’ve built this brand as a response to a deep-seated need Tim and I had since our first years of University: the lack of high-quality financial content written in an approachable and relatable way (all alternatives were either way too in-depth and tedious, or engaging but shallow).

We’re working to make Lykeion the brand that lifelong learners interested in finance, business, and economics most relate to, from the way we write to the products we offer, and the content we bring forward.

As Al Pacino said in one of the best scenes of one of the best movies ever: We're just getting warmed up.  


Grateful to have you all here with us.

Diego Tremiterra

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief. Covers Markets, Business, and Thematic Oversight. Currently a hedge fund Jr. PM, ex-Goldman Sachs capital markets and startup COO.

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